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Simple Animation For Product Designers

Easy to Learn - Lottie Animation & Micro-Interactions.

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From Design to Animation.

Easy Workflows that Make Animation Less Intimidating.

1. Import

Import Images, Lotties, or SVGs from Figma and other tools.

2. Animate

Edit Animations with a tool UI Designers know and love.

3. Export

Easily share designs with developers using Lottie, GIF, or MP4.

As Easy As It Looks.

Easy Animation with Automatic Keyframes in an Editor We're Familiar With.

Collaborate In Realtime.

Edit Animations Collaboratively Unlike Other Tools.

Edit Together

Share and co-edit animations in realtime with multiplayer.

Version History

Save versions, revert changes, and track progress.

Share Feedback

Leave comments inside animations.

Made with Phase

Design Animations and Microinteractions Effortlessly.

Start Animating

Get Started with Our Free, Web-Based Platform.