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From Animation to Intuitive No-Code UI/UX Prototyping.

Phase about

Our Goal

A no-code UI/UX prototyping tool that lets designers create without worrying about implementation.

How We'll Get There

First, we'll build the world's most intuitive and powerful design and animation tool, followed by developing tools to transform your idea into real products.

What Our Users Say

Phase Testimonial

Eva Cheng


Phase empowers interface designers to create vibrant animations quickly and effortlessly, enhancing the overall visual appeal of their designs!

Phase Testimonial

Alex KW Chen

UIUX Designer


Animation in UX can be tough. Creating animations from scratch is time-consuming, and many tools are too complicated. But Phase is exciting, with a user-friendly interface and an easy workflow.

Phase Testimonial

Bowlon Wang


@ PoMotion

Unlike complex animation tools. Phase is highly intuitive for a UI/UX designer. It’s super easy for creations to get started.

How We Work

R/D Team in Taipei, Taiwan — Business Team in Berlin, Germany.

Flexible & Modern Approach to Work

We focus on getting it done, not where we get it done. We're a highly motivated team creating features and delivering our product every 2 weeks.

Shared Ownership

We believe in open, transparent, and fair shared ownership.

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