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3 Jul 2024

πŸ’Ž New Features
Motion Handoff:
Since introducing Inspect Mode, we’ve added a few more features to it.
  • Playhead Synchronization: Ensures consistent timing between General Editing and Inspect Mode for seamless transitions.
  • Element Selection Consistency: Keeps track of selected elements effortlessly when toggling between modes.
  • Bulk Copying: Allows quick copying of all necessary Property and Keyframe values.
  • Customizable View: Expand/collapse sections in the Inspect Panel for an organized view of properties.
  • Path Shape Keyframe Hints: Clearly shows when path shape animations are present in Inspect Mode.
Phase Community in Circle:
We’ve expanded our social circle!
  • Join our new community for a direct line of communication with us.
  • Gain access to motion design courses, event schedules, and product announcements.
🌟 Interface Upgrades
General Upgrades
  • Updated the loading animation for crisp display on all monitor sizes.
  • Added mobile login and sign-up, though full functionality requires the desktop version.
  • Users can now adjust the duration of multiple selected keyframes by stretching them to shrink or reverse.
  • Fixed the UI in the Share dialog.
  • File thumbnails now update in real-time.
  • Reduced the number of excessive "Reconnecting" notifications.
  • The Element Panel now auto-unfolds after importing a file.
🌟 Bug Fixes
Export and Import Functionality
  • Corrected wrong positioning issues in the Export feature.
  • Fixed gradient shift problems when exporting complex paths and gradients.
  • Repaired Lottie export preview and editor discrepancies.
  • Resolved SVG import issues, including:
    1. Fixed non-functioning Shift+drag resizing for SVGs imported from the dashboard.
    2. Fixed a Lottie import error related to 'time' reading.
Element Management and Properties
  • Fixed color flickering issues with different opacity settings for Container Elements.
  • Corrected resizing behavior for normal groups containing SVG elements.
  • Resolved origin point and position inconsistencies when grouping elements from different levels.
  • Fixed issues with curve control handles becoming points in duplicated paths.
  • Corrected position display when grouping in action mode.
  • Addressed origin issues when grouping elements with keyframes in Action Mode.
  • Fixed child element jumping when resizing within scaled parent elements.
  • Resolved crashing errors when resizing the first Normal Group child (mask).
  • Corrected element position and origin shifts when resizing multiple elements.
Undo Functionality
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of child elements after undoing movements within groups.
  • Resolved redirect issues after account sign-up.

6 Jun 2024

πŸ’Ž New Features
  • Figma Plugin: Log in or sign up with Phase directly from Figma, and export selected elements to Phase for animation. Available soon in the Figma Community.
  • Motion Handoff: Inspect Mode enables engineers to inspect elements and animations, allowing them to recreate Phase animations in their codebase using their preferred tools. This is an early preview release, so feedback is highly encouraged. Expect rapid improvements in the coming weeks.
  • Motion Path: Animate elements along a curved motion path. View, edit, and orient elements on this path.
  • Alignment and Distribution: Align and distribute points within Path Editing. Change point positions relative to all points within a Path Element.
  • Drag Duplicate: Hold Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) and move an element to duplicate it easily.
🌟 Interface Upgrades
  • The UI for Personal Workspace and Team Management has been improved.
  • The export menu now has file naming, Play/Pause control in preview, tooltips for features, and a more detailed export progress animation.
  • The Property Panel now auto-scrolls to newly added UI elements if they are not visible.
  • The ruler UI has been adjusted to prevent overlapping numbers in the top-left corner.
  • The version icon has been updated to a plus icon and moved to the Version Preview Mode's header.
  • Timestamp and Duration Design has been improved for clarity.
  • Selected tracks now automatically display when outside the current action panel viewport.
  • We made it easier to precisely edit animations by improving how keyframes and the playhead behave together.
  • Renaming elements is now quicker and more responsive.
  • Moving path points horizontally or vertically feels more natural.
  • We can now duplicate elements with non-base layers in Action Mode.
πŸ› Bug Fixes
  • Solved import issues with large files
  • Border width now updates smoothly when dragging the input.
  • Corrected easing values for keyframes with different easing types.
  • Browser no longer freezes when reordering elements.
  • Scaled elements and origins stay correct after undoing ungroup.
  • Permissions in the share dialog update properly.
  • Visibility and lock icons update only after the mouse leaves.
  • No more crashes when editing a 0% scale path in Path Editing Mode.
  • Switching paint modes in Action Mode no longer causes crashes.
  • Cutting keyframes is now crash-free.
  • Fixed the shaking issue with path shapes on path child elements in groups with trim path keyframes.
  • Uploading profile pictures in Team settings and reloading the page won't cause crashes anymore.

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